Hello and welcome to the government website for the Republic of The Sohnland; A small self proclaimed sovereign country that prides itself on its eccentricity, philosophy and culture.

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We have a number of affiliated external links to other websites for government services and institutions. We also have social media accounts that we use to provide news updates and interact with our people and those abroad directly. 

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The Republic of The Sohnland is a tiny self proclaimed state within the English countryside. The Sohnland has its own banking system with its own printed banknotes and minted coins. The tiny nation also possesses a national anthem, passports, national ID cards and so much more. The Sohnland has even been covered by notable news outlets.

To learn more, visit our official wiki site here.

18 Years of The Sohnland

We are proud to be flying the red, white, and black banner for almost two decades. For 18 years we continue to govern ourselves and stand out as our own separate nation with our own identity and ideas, culture and customs, and charting our own independent course.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is dedicated to representing our state and nationality abroad, not only to the community of micronations, but to our neighbours and on the world's stage.

Sohnlandic companies

DoveArchives is a free online encyclopaedia that allows anyone to make and contribute to articles about anything they want. The site itself is a place to edit articles with little restrictions. Allowing authors to protect their articles from meddling users and making the manual of style not obligatory. 

DoveSites Hosting is the Sohnlandic state-owned company that manages network infrastructure and communications systems. DoveSites is also in charge of the national intranet locally based within The Sohnland and acts as our local search engine.

The Sohnland Today News is a state-media news outlet for publishing important headlines about major events within The Sohnland.

The Bank and Treasury of The Sohnland is a government run institution with the financial backing and state of the Sohnlandic government. This means the Sohnlandic government managing the people's finances with the utmost priority. To guarantee stability, security and growth. We are also the institution that designs The Sohnland new banknotes and coins. 

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