Marriages, births, deaths and care

Marital status recognition

Your right to marry and be married is to be taken seriously and your rights are important.

The Sohnland recognises all forms of gender non conforming marriage and gay and transgender rights to marry. It's not a matter of the state. Any discrimination against you on the basis of marital status should be reported. 

Sohnlandic birth rights

Birth right to citizenship in The Sohnland is only granted to the offspring of those who are already citizens. Non citizen parents cannot claim Sohnlandic citizenship for their child.

Passing away and inheritance

If you are concerned about how you will distribute your inheritance to your loved ones when you die, you can simply make a formal legal will. The Sohnlandic government can only withhold and safe guard holographic wills (handhandwritten wills). You must be 18 years of age to get a will.

Caring for friends and relatives

The Sohnlandic government can provide some assistance, if care requires disability pay or access assistance, we can provide it cost free.