Nationalist Party of The Sohnland (NPS)

What does the flag mean?

The flag consists of a dark blue or navy colour background to represent the blue sky. The symbol in the centre is a bird with its wings spread in a circular motion around a flaring sun. This is to represent the unity of the people and their spirit for freedom and for making The Sohnland a better place.

About the nationalist party

The nationalist party of The Sohnland (NPS), formerly the Sohnlandic-Juche Party before 26 march 2022 is the sole ruling party of The Sohnland. Officially, the NPS has no unique ideology of its own but rather runs The Sohnland based upon its own foundational principles. The Sohnlandic nationalist party is believed to be politically centre-right, however its official stance on politics is neither left nor right. The NPS is instead based on the continued preservation of The Sohnland and promoting the interests of the people by upholding democratic and liberal values; Allowing citizens of The Sohnland the same freedoms found in western democracies but at the same time being an autocratic state. The Sohnlandic nationalist party has promised all people Sohnlandic or not, freedom of expression, freedom of speech and freedom of association. The NPS has written into the Sohnlandic constitution a ban discrimination of any kind, such as but not limited to: Discrimination targeting race, nationality, religion, gender, orientation, disease, disability or martial status are strictly prohibited.

The nationalist party advocates for the unity and full cooperation of all people in The Sohnland regardless of their backgrounds to come together and make The Sohnland a better place for all and to preserve its values and ideals.

Motto: "Freedom is priceless"

Ideologies: Nationalism, Multi-culturalism, Populism, Technocracy, Globalism and Liberalism.