Is The Sohnland a real country?

What a country is defined as, is subjective

What is considered a country is entirely subjective, we make own passports, have a flag, national anthem, coat of arms and etc. We can make new laws and we have the capacity to enter relations with other sovereign states. However, The Sohnland isn't recognized by any sovereign state at this given moment.

The Sohnland has a purpose

Ever since our nation's founding all those years ago, it has kept its same goals and objectives. Learn more about what those are in depth on our WikiPage or Why secession 

Achievements and Realism

The Sohnland has most if not everything a real sovereign nation would have; We have everything as simple as a natiomal flag and a real life territory, to even our own currency and passports. Let's go through everything we have that a real nation would also have.

Realistic Land Claim

There are many pseudo nations that interact within the micronations community that have territorial claims that they couldn't realistically control at all, with some claims spanning continents.


What sets us apart from most micronations is that we have realistic passports with a designed interior. Although the version showed has the outdated coat of arms, the next batch of passports shall display the new coat of arms.

Local Currency

We have a couple of banknotes designs with realistic security features exhibited by real world banknotes. We will be getting metallic coins next month as well.


What was to become the modern republic of The Sohnland today started 19 years ago on the 20th of April 2005. 

ID Cards

The Sohnland makes sure to always have the most sophisticated designs to stand out from the rest. Our identity cards have modern security features like holograms and intricate patterns.


Ever since our founding on 20th April 2005, we've kept to our national purposes and our drive for representation and autonomy. 

Read about it here.

Micronations vary in professionalism and realism

A micronation is officially defined by the majority of credible sources as merely a self proclaimed nation lacking legitimate recognition from sovereign states.

In the micronational community, a considerable portion of micronations do not in fact fit this definition, they're technically not even micronations; Internet based nations lacking a real world presence and are primarily focused on roleplay.

The micronations community can be categorised as a spectrum of realism. Some may have levels of professionalism so high that make them easy to pass off as a real nation by the average person. Some on the other hand may identify as a micronation but act so out of touch with professional code of conduct that they're often passed off as joke or roleplay. Some micronations may lay inbetween these polar opposite dynamics that it may seem like a grey area.