Sohnlandic Pound Sterling (SPS)

The history

History of the Sohnlandic banknotes started on 10 November 2020 as the famous £0 banknotes was conceptualised and designed just as a joke about how micronational currencies are worthless. The banknote design unexpectedly became a popular sensation for its good quality design rather than the joke and meaning behind its creation. The £0 note depicting a well dressed pigeon was later printed to commemorate it for all of the hype it had received.

Current Value

£1 SPS is roughly valued at...

$2.08 (USD)

£1.5 (GBP)

Practical Use

Sohnlandic banknotes and coins have not purposefully been made for circulation but rather as a commemorative piece to prove legitimacy of The Sohnland as a de facto sovereign state, not de jure sovereignty. 

Although they haven't been made for circulation, the coins and banknotes have been practically exchanged for foreign currencies such as the British Pound Sterling. The value is entirely up to interpretation. The value of the Sohnlandic Pound Sterling when exchanged for foreign currency such as GBP is approximately exchanged for £1 to £2 GBP. Putting the value of the SPS about equal to 1.5 GBP. £1 (SPS) = $2.08 (USD).