Citizenship Benefits

Local National Health Plan

With The Sohnland making advancements in medicine and treatment, we've used our tax funding and our domestic incomes collectively to fund for our medical equipment and supplies. Including but not limited to breathing ventilators (multiple), many medical kits, blood testing kits, drug and alcohol tests, blood sugar testing kits, vitamin and mineral reserves and prescription medications.

Supplied and support for education

The Sohnlandic government ensures that all of its citizens use their right to education and effectively. All school and work supplies are funded directly by the government. We'll even vouch for you directly if you require special assistance if you are special needs.

Help for disabled and vulnerable people

As the Sohnlandic leader is on the Autistic spectrum himself, he understands the importance for the availability for assistance and resources for those who are set back by their conditions, be it physical or mental. If you require any assistance at all, please submit a petition directly to the Sohnlandic government which you can do via email or forms.

Residential priorities

If you for any reason need to move out and there are no places vacant, don't fret to submit a request for residency. If you are already a citizen, you get priority over anyone else and you'll pay a lot less for residency for non citizens.

Covering shipping and customs costs

The Sohnlandic postage service will pay for the letters and packages for citizens so no matter what you order, it'll be free shipping.