Flag of The Sohnland

Symbolism and meaning

Originally designed in 2013, the national flag still stands for The Sohnland today.


The national flag is a visual representation of the nation's three core principles and is a reference to the national motto and vice versa.

"Dark sky, Golden Dove, over a crimson sunset."

The black on the flag represents the dark sky. The shield represents the Golden Dove. The white cross represents diverging sun beams over the red part of the flag which represents the crimson and red sunset.

Dissecting the meaning of the three core principles

Dark sky as apart of the motto, symbolises human curiosity, knowledge and truth.

Golden Dove as apart of the motto, symbolises individuality, free will, and creativity.

Crimson sunset as apart of the motto, symbolises self actualisation, inner peace and hope.

Flag code

What Flag Code Is

Flag code establishes advisory rules and customs on how to properly sell and manage flags. Improper flag code can be an offense in The Sohnland depending on the circumstances.

It is considered incorrect flag code in The Sohnland to:

Fold flags incorrectly by folding diagonally rather than folding vertically then horizontally.

Placing a flag or letting a flag touch the floor.

Flying the Sohnlandic flag below another flag on the same flag pole.

Sohnlandic flags are to by printed and made at a 1800:1080 aspect ratio.

Here are serious examples of flag code misconduct:

Buying or selling fabric flags outside of Sohnlandic Jurisdiction.

Setting fire to a Sohnlandic flag or intentionally damaging one.

Stealing Sohnlandic flags.