How the government works

How The Sohnland is governed

The Sohnland government is run by supreme leader Ethan of The Sohnland, he is the head of state and acting head of the government, with full control over The Sohnland. 

Ethan of The Sohnland is classed as a benevolent dictator; A dictator with the authoritative powers of a dictator but acting in the interests of the people and the nation rather than in their selfish interests like most dictators.

Who runs the government

This fact must be pretty obvious as who runs the nation is previously stated up above. But as a benevolent dictator is the head of state and acting head of government, the people are the ones who really run the nation. A benevolent listens to his people and allows free speech and assembly like in a democracy.

What is it like under the Sohnlandic government

Living in The Sohnland is like being in any free nation of the west, but has the benefits of having a strong leadership and cuts out the time and resource consuming process of electing a new leader.

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