What Does It Mean To Be A Citizen?

Citizens of The Sohnland can not only receive passports and ID Cards, there are a plethora of perks and benefits to be had. 

Free Healthcare

Sohnlandic citizens are allowed to recieve healthcare, and medical aid and treatments for no cost; From using our state of the art breathing ventilators, blood testing kits, first aid kits, diabetes and sugar level checkers, medications and even treatements for cuts and wounds. However, they are paid for by the monthly £24 tax.

Residential Opportunities

Only citizens of The Sohnland are guaranteed residence in The Sohnland, due to our measly 305m² in land area we can have a very limited number of residents. Deliveries to and from the UK are currently taxed at a 5% import tariff.


Sohnlandic citizenship means you will be a holder of the rarest passport on Earth! There are only eleven people with citizenship rights right now because of the strict criteria that needs to be met to qualify. Even if you qualify, you are not exempt from citizenship denial. Being a citizen of The Sohnland is by far one of the most unique and exclusive titles anyone can hold.

How To Become A Citizen

Apply For A Visa

What Is A Visa?

A visa is an official travel document that allows the bearer to legally enter The Sohnland. The visa is usually stamped or glued into the bearer's passport at the TSL UK consulate. There are several different types of visas, each of which afford the bearer different rights in the host country.

To request travel to The Sohnland from the TSL UK consulate, permission must be granted to travel to the consulate by contacting MFA@thesohnlandgov.info. You must sign a waiver and make your intentions and criminal convictions known, along with your contact information. If accepted you will be provided with the address of the consulate and given a time and date to arrive where you can submit a visa application to travel to The Sohnland.

Submitting Your Application

After arriving at the TSL UK consulate and having your visa to The Sohnland accepted you can then travel to The Sohnland at a different time and date. This is where you can go and submit a citizen application. To do this you must provide your CV and state your reasons for wanting citizenship. After this point, you will recieve an email the next day either congratulating you in recieving citizenship or a citizenship denial.