Official National Holidays

About our national holidays

What are listed below are the officially celebrated national holidays in The Sohnland as categorised in a chronological order. This list is regularly and always kept up to date with the current events in the nation. Some days that may be considered significantly culturally important may not show up or may be omitted, changed or removed as per request.

1 January

New years day.

23 March

The day of neutrality is the day to commemorate and celebrate when The Sohnland entered and declared neutrality on 23 March 2018. 

1 April

April fools day.

20 April

Foundation Day is the day The Sohnland started its development as a micronation on 20 April 2005, later becoming the movement it is today.

23 April

St. George's Day.

19 June

Father's Day.

4 July

Appreciation Day is a celebration in The Sohnland where the people find their own ways of showing appreciation and for what they're thankful for.

26 July

Flag Day is when all Sohnlandic flags are shown off and paraded to celebrate the creation of the current national flag on 26 July 2015; The day when The Sohnland changed from a monarchy to a republic.

22 October

Family Appreciation Day (TSL).

13 November

Remembrance Day.

20 November

German Citizens Day (TSL).

24 December

Christmas Day (As celebrated by German citizens)

25 December

Christmas Day (As celebrated by British citizens)

31 December

New year's eve.