Crime, justice and law

Your constitutional rights

If you're a citizen, current resident, on the Sohnlandic intranet or even visiting as a tourist, we recommend that you follow Sohnlandic guidance and law while you are here. To know what exactly is to do and not to do then simply take a perusal through the TSL constitution.

Constitution of The Sohnland and Carnifron PDF 

Please note that this current reformatted PDF of our constitution may contain articles and text that may be considered errors due to being fomatted from photos from the original documents. The constitution is still under construction from an old version of the Sohnlandic constitution and may be dated and not adapted to our current laws.

TSL and Carnifron Constitution Current 2023.pdf

Compliance with UK law

The Sohnland is despite having full de facto sovereignty and a functioning government that has the capacity to enter international relations, we lack de jure sovereignty which is recognised and legal sovereignty. Going with this, we uphold the UK's laws and the rule of law. If you would like this to change, don't hesitate to petition the UK government for change.

Civil Protection Act 2023


Nationwide Cat Ban

Public Health Act.pdf