The National Purpose

Why Does The Sohnland Exist?

To learn why there is a movement for secession, we must first begin to understand why The Sohnland was created.

The Sohnland didn't always desire self governance on a national level, it didn't even even begin as a nation originally. The Sohnland was created back in 2005 by its founder at 4 years old. Created and continued to preserve equal representation of his identity, to keep a place for his ideals and most importantly, the preservation of the right to self determination and charting an independent course. Unlike roleplay nations, The Sohnland has set goals in mind and will defend them fiercely. Our culture is an amalgamation of traditional Germanic and English values and some of our very own. Western values are our values.

The Cause For Autonomy

The reason for desiring self governance and autonomy depends on the nation itself, the cause may be a economic or social class division, it may be due to cultural differences or it even can be a cause for equal representation; In our case it's all three. 

People in The Sohnland strongly disagree with how the UK Government and Westminster handles our taxes. Many of our people have expressed frustration and anger over economic regulations and what our taxes go towards. Our people and our government lean towards the economic and cultural right so it's often complained about where our taxes and earnings go. We shall no longer rely on and pay for unnecessary British facilities and services.

Our national purpose is to preserve our right to self determination and for an equal representation of identity. The UK no longer represents our ideals and authorities continue to dismiss our existence. Our people do not feel British, we have our own values. "I created my own country all those years ago as just a hobby but as time went by and I grew older feeling like I didn't belong, the idea of being my own nation really resonated with me"  - Ethan S.

How Will Autonomy Be Achieved?

Nations endevour and achieve autonomy and self governance in a variety of ways depending on the circumstances. The Sohnlandic movement for independence is a peaceful demonstration of desire for self governance. Letters and emails are sent displaying our dissatisfaction of our current situation and how we would like to change things. Many countries have succeeded independence peacefully, like Canada, Iceland, Australia and New Zealand. Even some pacific Island nations are succeeding for independence right now. The UK has nothing to lose by giving a 300m² nation exclusive economic rights, many small microstates peacefully coexist whilst enclaved within larger nations. Such as the Vatican City, San Marino, Monaco, Andorra, Luxembourg, and even Lesotho in South Africa. 

Although our movement may be small and may be ignored by Westminster, we cannot fend off an invasion or succeed in a war or conflict with our neighbouring nations due to our small size. Many nations wouldn't be able to but remain sovereign like Iceland, Liechtenstein, Vatican City or Monaco. Self defence isn't a requirement to be sovereign or self governing.

Our movement is de facto serious and our endeavours are treated highly by many and made with undying dedication, even if you may question our sovereignty.