The Sohnland and Brexit

The day brexit happened

At 11:00pm on 31 January 2020, The Sohnland was found itself leaving the European Union and its jurisdiction. Unfortunately this was determined by the UK government in Westminster. Since The Sohnland previously had little aspiration for independence and autonomy, there wasn't any resistance being under the UK's control. The idea amongst Sohnlandic citizens was that as long as they let us mind our own business, we'll stay out of there's. The UK had de facto, made brexit our business when the challenges of brexit were made a problem for The Sohnland and its people to face; They gave us something we never asked for. How the people lived was fundamentally changed forever seemingly overnight and you'd be correct to to assume some people here weren't too keen on the idea of brexit.

Taxation, regulation and representation

A lot of our citizens and those around with us had mixed feelings about the direction the UK is heading in. With a higher rate of tax imports from the EU, and border checks returning, Sohnlandic citizens were not only paying the price for the UK's decisions but it has been made actively harder to import goods and visit foreign nationals within the EU. Sohnlandic people have also lost the benefits of EU internet privacy laws and EU funding of nearby institutions of which Sohnlandic citizens use everyday.

The rise in independence approval

The complications caused by brexit have made many people in The Sohnland aspire for regulatory autonomy and even wonder about the hypothetical consequences for independence.